Serge Group from France.

We can say another week, another group, but no!! This time Serge group from France, this was really a nice and very Friendly Group, and we had a great time together, and also we have done some really nice dives, and specially because this group, despite being heterogeneous in experience like all the Groups, these friends were unique in gas consumption, so it permits us to do really great dives also concerning depths, and nice dive times. I need to say that Serge the Group Leader its a great Leader and Instructor, and that was a pleasure to meet and dive with him.

Thank you also for being such a nice and respectful Divers, and for the amazing two last dives, specially the last with all those HUGE big Predators chasing among all those big big schools of fish, a really BBC wildlife documentary !!

Hope to see you soon diving with us again.

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