9 num Suzuki Jimny? Sim, são do norte.

Mais uma vez tivemos a visita de um grupo de Mergulhadores oriundos do norte de Portugal, e desta vez bem do norte, e que pessoas espectaculares, que dias tão agradáveis que passámos juntos, que jantares animados e como seria de esperar uma serie de Mergulhos inolvidáveis, e quanto ao Suzuki Jimny com 9 lá dentro, bem, isso é outra história, e o que acontece na Ilha de Santo Antão fica na Ilha de Santo Antão. =D

It´s time to dive dive dive.

Now that the windy season is arriving to an end, and the really hot weather is burning us outside the water, its time to dive ALL day and night !!! Come and join us on our regular Daily dives full of Marine life on this cristal clear blue waters. We´re waiting for you !!! Photo: António Garcias by Armin Trutnau

Serge Group from France.

We can say another week, another group, but no!! This time Serge group from France, this was really a nice and very Friendly Group, and we had a great time together, and also we have done some really nice dives, and specially because this group, despite being heterogeneous in experience like all the Groups, these friends were unique in gas consumption, so it permits us to do really great dives also concerning depths, and nice dive times. I need to say that Serge the Group Leader its a great Leader and Instructor, and that was a pleasure to meet and dive with him. Thank you also for being such a nice and respectful Divers, and for the amazing two last dives, specially the last with all those

Christian Olivera from Subocea France

Last week we had the visit of our Friend Christian from the French Diving travel agency Subocea, we had a couple of days with Him and his lovely wife and daughter, and we also make a couple of nice dives, Thank you Christian, thank you Subocea.

BLUE EDEN save one more Turtle.

During a dive on the last week, we saw a turtle entangled on a piece of fishermen net under a rock, she can't go out and reach the surface to breath, because she´s grabbed by a fin to the rock with the net, she was almost dead if we can't find it. The Turtle let us help her, and we cut the fishing net out from the rock and from her fins and head, to set her free, she was clearly happy and after we let her go, she swin to surface with the last strength that stills remain, to reach air and breath to keep her alive, than she comes near us for the last time to say goodbye and to thanks for saving her from death. We would like to thanks to the magnificent French group that helps us out. Follow th

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